Craving It – Hooked (English Version)

Craving It - HockedNew! Starting today, the american version of the ebook Craving it – Hooked is available on Amazon. The paperback will be published within the next days.
Have fun reading!

E-Book: 0,99 $
Paperback: 10,90 $

Maron Noir is a University student in Marseille.
For a few years she has been an experienced
and very popular escort lady of a renowned agency with certain benefits.
She is young, pretty and able to cast a spell on men by merely looking at them.
It is usually she who stays in control. But one evening she meets a new client, Gideon Chevalier. He knows about her reputation and tries to wrap her around his finger.
During the ensuing power games Maron, however, will do everything necessary to avoid losing control.
But what if there is no longer just one man involved and Maron must give in to their wishes?
“Craving It – Hooked” is the first part of an erotic series which is about power, influence and

Part 1: Craving It – Hooked
Part 2: Craving It – Captivated – (is expected to appear in mid-december 2015)

  One thought on “Craving It – Hooked (English Version)

  1. Jo Ly
    14. Dezember 2015 um 12:35

    How soon will your other books be available in English? Loved Craving It and am looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

    • 14. Dezember 2015 um 22:05

      Hi Jo Ly,
      thank You very much. The second part will be available mid february ’16.
      D.C. Odesza

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